Simon Lee Gallery, London
To describe our world, Empedocles introduced the concept of four elements: fire, water, air and earth. Aristotle introduced the fifth element—Ether. Ether is the thinnest radiant layer of air that conducts light. It mixes with other elements to create life. Vasily Klyukin introduces the sixth, most important to him element—the knowledge of self. It is formed through our exploration of two great infinites: the outer and inner. The outer infinity is a boundless universe, hiding in itself a myriad of riddles and hypotheses. The inner infinity is just as grand and unexplored—it is our mind. Every second it gives birth to thoughts, assessments of the surrounding world and—through hormones and amino acids—emotions. This exhibition offers its visitors to plunge into two infinites. The artist uses sculptures as portals to transport the viewer to the essence of elements or events. They allow us to form our own hypothesis about the external and internal, and thus, to develop the knowledge of self.
9th – 30th September
Monday - Saturday, 10 - 6pm
12 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8DT, U.K.