Simon Lee Gallery, Barvikha Luxury Village
"The Big Implosion Theory" (Moscow) and "The Mind Port" (London) – special projects of Simon Lee Gallery and Vasily Klyukin.
Simon Lee is delighted to collaborate with Vasily Klyukin in his solo presentation The Big Implosion Theory in Moscow. This exhibition is the first Russian based project in which Simon Lee Gallery participates and marks the beginning of a collaborative relationship between the artist and gallery.

An exciting new exhibition merges two series – Relief and Live Sculptures – to comment on man-made pollution and damage to the environment, the absence of life momentarily on the planet before the regeneration of new forms of nature. From architecture and design to abstract and kinetic sculpture, Vasily Klyukin's oeuvre possesses a character that is curious and deeply philosophical. It was the Moscow-born artist's eagerness that led him to explore the North Pole, Mount Everest and the Amazonian rainforest. From these wanderings he has been inspired by the majesty of nature and alarmed by its destruction by humans. His ability to connect the intricacies of nature with his passion for equations and formulas manifested in ambitiously visual sculptures that are almost optical illusions, makes him one of the most exciting artists around.

16 September - 10 January, 2021
"Barvikha Luxury Village"
Moscow, Russia