The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
In 2018, In Dante Veritas, Vasily Klyukin's adaptation of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem "The Divine Comedy", was first shown at the State Russian Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In this exhibition, Klyukin analyzes the corruption of the human soul and the weakening of one's conscience. The collection tells a narrative that re-engineered the nine circles of hell and comprised in itself over 100 multimedia elements including sculpture, installation, digital art, audio and light boxes. At 3.5 meters high, these were the most physically demanding works for the artist to create, but they raise important issues and are reflective of today's global issues, ushering classical tropes into the modern era.

All of the sculptures presented in "In Dante Veritas" are created with Klyukin's signature with using modern medium such as stainless or corroded steel. Maximizing flexibility, steel plates are assembled without any fasteners, fanning out like the pages of an open book and remaining mobile.
27 June - 25 September, 2018
The State Russian Museum,
St.Petersburg, Russia