Branch of the Russian Museum, Malaga, Spain
"The exhibition is held at the Malaga Branch of the Russian Museum.
Anna Akhmatova (1889–1966), a great Russian poet of the 20th century, lived a long and complicated life, which throughout reflected the dramatic events that gripped the Soviet Union in the last century. In the early years of the century, when no one even suspected the coming World War and revolution, Akhmatova was immersed in the beauty of the poetic word. She was the darling of famous poets, musicians, and artists, who left images and impressions of her in poems, paintings, and drawings for future generations to contemplate.

Circumstances that arose later changed the life and style of both Akhmatova herself and those around her. Fate decreed that Akhmatova live through the prison sentences of both her husbands and her son, the Second World War, hunger, freezing weather, life in a huge communal apartment, and much else that was the common lot of many of her compatriots in the Soviet Union. But Akhmatova always remained above all a poet, precisely and sincerely recreating the atmosphere in which she and her country lived.
The exhibition in Malaga gathers together portraits of Akhmatova that were executed during the poet's lifetime, as well as images of several of the people closest to her."